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Growth Strategy in 3 Buckets

This blog is for senior executives for the discussion of growth strategy. A Public viewers only access a small portion of the roundtable conversation. The roundtable addresses growth challenges facing industry and CEO's today by focusing on three conversations.

Better Operations: Companies that manage costs, challenge assumptions, reduce error rates, formalize quality assurance, and align incentives with profits; are consistently those that out grow their peers.

Better Business Development: Companies that approach business development as a pipeline of educated experiments are better at finding and entering new markets than those that do not. From AB Testing in a digital marketing campaign to careful selection of an M&A target or a channel partner in a new export market, educated experimentation is a proven path to successful growth.

Better Moats (IP+): Companies that carefully manage intellectual assets such as intellectual property, unique regulatory agreements, or unique trade agreements enable unique value propositions or moats that drive competitive advantage. Consistently firms who are adept at exploiting intellectual assets grow faster and command higher valuations at exit than those that do not.
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