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Advisory Board Services

We look at the CFO role as a team sport and have over 30 years of experience overseeing professional accounting staff.  We take on leadership roles coordinating business advisory boards or executive coaching roles aimed at keeping important goals in focus when the urgent work is dominating attention.  We use our own State of Play assessment tools to enable executive teams to discuss and prioritize real options.  

M&A Services

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common pathway to growth. We help boards to identify prospects and to negotiate win-win results. Open innovation for many companies is about talent and technology acquisition. Far fewer firms have in-house research and development interests than their peers 40 years ago. Buy-side or sell-side, we work with a network of amazing advisors for deal sizes between $5 million (EBITA) and $100 million.

Our team of independent experts can help with everything from formal business valuations, to monitoring transaction comparables.

Access to Capital 

We help companies raise funds where traditional banks wont.  

Fund Raising & Investment Due Diligence

We are experienced investors and help firms with pitch decks, fundraising, due diligence, cap tables, advisory boards, investor relations, exit planning, and negotiation.

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Sean Irvine, P. Eng. CLP
Managing Director

Professional Accounting Services

For clients based in British Columbia, our associate team of professional accountants (CPA) helps clients with everything from forecasting to tax filing. 

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Nabeel Remtulla

Imran Jiwa

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