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Business Development - State of Play Assessment

a framework for improving business development outcomes

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This State of Play TM Assessment will enable your team to invest more effectively in BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and align those decisions with your competitiveness objectives. How can we deliver a sustainably higher price point; a sustainably lower cost structure; or unique features that are highly valued by customers? 

State of Play TM Assessments capture a strategic planning conversation across your executive team. They ensure that important topics get discussed and that strategic decisions are better focused. 

Business development for us encompasses all efforts to reach customers including: sales and marketing work, new product development work, and corporate relationship or transaction work.

Market opportunities come in four types.
[*Reference: Steve Blank, "4 Steps to the Epiphany"]

1. New markets exist if products or services enable many customers to do something new.

2. Existing markets exist if the markets and competitors are well known.

3. Re-segmented markets with a niche player strategy occurs where a more focused solution can provide more value than existing solutions.  

4. Re-segmented markets with a low-price strategy occurs where a “large-enough” market segment will buy a “good enough” or inferior product, at a lower price.  

The art of business development depends on many skill sets.  Business development expertise ranges from new product development to brand management, sales and marketing.  Our team has over 30 years of experience leading business development projects in small and large organizations.  

Start a conversation by taking the free assessment below. We will assess your answers and schedule a 30-minute review call with an expert advisor.

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(Senior Executives Only - We ask to see a LinkedIn profile that validates your role.)

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