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Annual Audit - Biz Dev

The Team @ Mojo Ventures

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Question 1:

How do we approach the selection of business development choices ranging from new product development to mergers and acquisitions?

Question 2:

How do we approach new business opportunities?  

Question 3:

Is our marketing effort effective?

Question 4:

Is our sales effort effective?

Question 5:

Describe your lead generation approach and include detail about your approach to customer relationship management (CRM). 
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Question 6:

What tools and/or approach do we use to collect market research?
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Question 7:

Briefly describe any ongoing or planned research and development work.
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Question 8:

How do research and development deliver results for our organization?

Question 9:

How efficient and effective is our sales process?

Question 10:

How do you currently collect and manage referrals from existing customers?
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Question 11:

Describe your sales team and top performers.  Include details about your personal sales role and success.  In addition, outline non-compete obligations for anyone responsible for selling move than 20% of total sales.
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